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Scheduled Power Upgrade [COMPLETED]

[00:45] Dear members, our sincere apologies for the extended outage caused by a power upgrade that caused some unforseen problems with our network routings. As of about midnight we restored service to the point where you can access email again but we have plenty left to do to restore full capacity and backup systems. As such we very humbly ask you to forgive any further instability throughout the early hours so that we may provide a more robust service come the morning.

[04:45] We have completed the full restoration of service and now have both power feeds updated and a sensible spread of server resources across both lines. There are a couple of things we need to do but we can schedule these for the January maintenance window as it is now time to stabilise the service. Thank you again for your generous patience with this necessary, albeit unexpectedly arduous, upgrade.

Originally Written: 28-Dec-2012 00:41, Last Updated: 06-Nov-2014 12:29

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